The K-IP beacons partners with the ESI

Locating and communicating are essential for safety. This necessity applies to all outdoor activities.

By becoming a partner of ESI, APIK distributes its KIP offer to professionals in order to follow the equipped groups, to organize logistics, or to intervene quickly by knowing immediately where the beacon holders are.

The beacon holder can inform third parties (watchmen) of his outings, give details of the people accompanying him, the means of transport used, etc. And give an expected time of return. The watchers can follow in real time the path of the beacon carrier.

If the beacon is not returned within the specified time, the watchmen are alerted and can then visualize the position of the beacon holder and decide, if necessary, to alert the emergency services.

An alert function at the touch of a button can also be used to alert predefined watchmen if necessary.

Any person equipped with a K-IP beacon can then be found by the PGHM

The beacons also allow to visualize on the phone application the different members of a group, to be alerted in case of request for help, or to manage the group logistics.

Please note! The K-IP beacons do not allow self-rescue and therefore can in no case replace the DVA in the context of an avalanche.

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