What is the right age for my child to try the ski ?

Your child can start the ski from two and half years old.

How do the children learn to ski ?

They acquire the ski technique without even realizing it. They play the games specialty invented for them, inside the kindergarten.

What should I bring to the kindergarten ?

For his leson, your child will need the ski clothes, helmet, ski equipment, ski mask or sun classes, sun cream and something for the tea snack.

They don't need the ski sticks.

Di I have to take a ski pass for my child ?

If the kindergarten is situated in the village, there is no need to take a ski pass.

From the moment that your child has the skills to go to the ski slopes, his instructor will inform you about the new meeting point and about the ski pass that you have to take for the next day.

What should I do if my child is crying at the start of the lesson ?

Don't panic, the instructor is a professional who is used of those type of situations, so you just have to : 

* leave your child under the care of the instructor and don't stay to long with them.

* avoid to be seen by your child.

* avoid any contact with your child before the end of his lesson.

General questions

How many persons there are in the group ?

From 5 to 8 children maximum by instructor in the kindergarten.

From 6 to 10 children maximum by instructor on the slopes.

In case of the bad weather is are the lessons cancelled ?

Whatever the weather is, the lessons are maintained if the ski lifts are open.

In case of bad weather, think about the adapted clothes for you and for your child, please.

Do the instructors speak another language than french ?

Our instructors speak english, italan, spanish and dutch.

Should I buy a ski pass ?

yes you have to buy a ski pass.

Do I have to come to the school office before the first lesson ?

It is better to come to our office one day before the start of the lessons to take the bibs for the children and to check/validate your subscription.