Campaign for the prevention of skin cancers : even in winter, beware of UV!

Every year, 100,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in France, making it the most common cancer among adults aged 25 to 50. Until now, the preventive approach has always focused on the dangers of the sun during the summer months. Because raising public awareness of early detection outside of this period would limit this worrying incidence, the SNDV has decided to conduct an awareness campaign on the risks induced by UV exposure in winter, with the support of the dermatological laboratories Galderma and Uriage.

This initiative, a first in the field, will take place in January 2023 to provide the general public with the information they need to avoid unnecessary risks in the sun and help them adopt the right screening strategies. It will allow to sweep away preconceived ideas about exposure during winter, especially during winter sports or in UV booths. It also aims to convey the idea that UV rays are also dangerous in areas not considered at risk and that they are present even on cloudy days.

Focus on UV in the mountains

Focus on UV in the mountains

In winter, especially in the mountains, it is important to protect your skin better, with higher sun protection factors than in summer; the amount of UV rays at high altitudes increases by 4% every 300 m (at 3,000 m, it is 40% higher than at sea level). The sun's reflection on snow increases radiation by up to 90%, compared to only 20% on sand and 4% on grass.

This campaign will take several forms: 
- 20,000 flyers, posters & helmet stickers will be delivered to stations and distributed via schools to families
- dedicated content will be posted on Instagram and LinkedIn and relayed via ESI on Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok
- ambassadors - field actors (monitors) will be mobilized to remind people of key prevention messages and the right actions to take
- pharmacists will be sensitized via a webinar with the URPS of the AURA region 
- sportsmen and women will be involved to speak to their community.

"Faced with the incidence of skin cancer in France, it is urgent to change attitudes and raise awareness to change mentalities and to make people aware of the importance of respecting a prevention throughout the year. This is the ambition we have set for this winter, and we are counting on the relay of mountain professionals as well as pharmacists to disseminate these essential messages to preserve the sunshine capital of our fellow citizens. '
Luc Sulimovic, President of the SNDV.

"The ESI ski schools are very proud and motivated to be able to work with the Syndicat the National Dermatologists' Union this winter to raise awareness among skiers and mountain vacationers about the risks of exposure to the risks of exposure to UV rays and thus encourage them to adopt the right protective protective behaviors. This prevention campaign aims to promote responsible attitudes
responsible attitudes towards solar radiation in order to preserve the health of individuals and, in the long reduce the number of cases of skin cancer",

underlines Johann Kwiatkowski, president of the ESI.