The Wingjump offers you the possibility to amplify your sliding sensations and to add a unique sensation: the lift. Rediscover skiing with a new way of jumping, carving, managing your speed...


The Wingjump stabilizes and improves speed management. Your position allows you to accelerate or brake. It's a new way of skiing in its own right, approved on all ski areas (slopes and ski lifts). 

With a sail that you can put on like a jacket and add in a few seconds to your usual ski equipment. The time to get used to it is very short. No learning curve is necessary to feel the first sensations. To each skier its Wingjump! Our products are suitable for the whole family, whatever the age, the level of skiing or the desired effect. All the sails will allow you to progress in skiing while discovering new sensations.

Discover the video report of the Dauphiné below: