The essential equipment to go hiking in the mountains

The mountain offers great views, with its impressive peaks, majestic lakes and trails that make you want to go on an adventure. However, to discover all these wonders, you must not forget how dangerous the mountain can be, hence the importance of having the right equipment to optimize your hike at altitude. So we share with you our list of essentials to take with you on your mountain outings between safety and practice.

Hiking shoes :

Probably the most important part, good shoes will ensure a good hike in the mountains. With its rocky trails, river crossings and other natural obstacles, the mountains offer a very rugged terrain. To explore the mountains, prefer waterproof hiking boots with high uppers, protective and with a quality sole.

Rain gear: 

The weather is often very changeable in the mountains, so it is essential to bring clothing to protect yourself from the rain. A K-way style rain jacket will do the trick without taking up too much space in your pack. 

Water and food: 

This may seem obvious at first glance, but it is very important to bring water and food to stay in optimal physical condition and also to prepare for any unexpected events. Heat, violent storms or even an accident, the mountain can reserve bad surprises, if you are not well prepared, so always bring a kit with water and food, just in case.

First aid kit: 

Always with the aim of preparing for all eventualities, it is essential to take a first aid kit with you on your mountain hikes. But what should you put in this kit?

Here is a selection of useful products: Sterile and non-sterile compresses / Antiseptic products / Physiological serum / Scissors and tweezers / Arnica-based ointment for blows / Analgesics / Bandages / Disinfectant gel / Bandages / Sunscreen / A lighter / A knife / A telephone.

A hat: 

In the summer, when the sun shines at its peak, it is imperative to cover your head to avoid sunstroke. In the mountains, although the temperature is often cooler, UV rays are often more violent than elsewhere. So the hat is really an essential for a serene hike. 

A pair of binoculars:

The mountains have an extremely rich fauna and flora. In order to preserve the wild habitat of marmots, chamois and other ibex, it is preferable to observe them from a distance, hence the importance of having a good pair of binoculars in your bag. 

Backpack and/or baby carrier:

Whatever the hike, it is important to bring a backpack with a maximum volume of 40 L. A hike in the mountains can be very tiring if your backpack weighs a ton. The only rule of thumb is not to bring anything superfluous in order to optimize the weight of your bag.

The mountains offer so many magical landscapes and wonders to observe that it would be a shame not to share them with your family. Going on a mountain hike when you have a baby is not always easy, it requires organization, you need to equip yourself with a quality baby carrier so that your back does not suffer and so that your baby is comfortably installed to admire the beauty of the mountain. If you don't have a baby carrier, why not rent one at a low price for the occasion. 

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- A garbage bag: 

Because the mountain is not a dumping ground, please bring a trash bag to leave zero waste and preserve this sanctuary.

There you go, you are now ready to hike the most beautiful mountain trails on the planet in complete safety.

Have a good hike.