Recco, new safety partner for ESI ski schools

RECCO and the ESI ski schools have developed a strategic partnership to promote "passive safety" and avalanche prevention. 

What is RECCO? With RECCO® technology you can always be located in case of an avalanche accident or disappearance in the outdoors. Equipped with RECCO® reflectors, a buried person can be located quickly and accurately by the organised rescue services using the RECCO® detector.

RECCO reflectors on helmets, clothing, shoes etc. are not a substitute for the use of a avalanche beacon. The RECCO technology is complementary in function and increases the chances of being found in time. 

Present in the ski areas of France and Switzerland, 135 slope and mountain rescue services, equipped with 250 detectors, will be there this winter for your safety.
The implementation of this partnership is in line with our strong motivation to make our students and instructors as aware as possible of the need to practice more responsible and safer skiing on and off the slopes, without sacrificing the important notion of fun.

As a reminder, every year our ESI ski instructors attend off-piste safety courses in order to be always up to date with the latest information on avalanche rescue, snow conditions and anticipating dangerous situations. 

As an expert, our instructors are all equipped with "Recco reflectors" on their ESI outfits, in order to transmit a broader, more effective vision of safety in all its forms. 

According to the recommendations of the International Alpine Rescue Commission, all off-piste skiers should wear these two complementary passive (Recco) / active (DVA) devices in order to be always locatable by the rescuers or the skiers accompanying you. 

However, it is important to bear in mind that whatever locating equipment is used, it is no guarantee against the dramatic consequences of an avalanche. 

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