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  • Private snowboard lessons

    Private snowboard lessons

    Proposé par ESI 360 Samoëns

    Greater flexibility and a more personalized approach

    Discover the resort with a professional
    Enjoy a family outing.
    Focus on your technique and style.
    Get your confidence back.

  • Private Snowboard Lessons

    Private Snowboard Lessons

    Proposé par ESI ZigZag Samoëns

    à partir de 55

    Snowboard tuition designed to suit you

    Book a private snowboard session for a powerful boost to your snowboard style.

    Get started with confidence on the beginner slopes, or head off in search of adventure with a pro rider at your side.  Whatever your level of ability, a private snowboard lesson offers the guarantee of made-to-measure tuition, designed especially to suit you. 

    With ZigZag Ski School Samoens, you'll develop pro-rider skills and confidence in no time !