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The invention of Telemark

The invention of Telemark

At the end of the 19th century, a carpenter imagined and built a pair of telemark skis. He owes this invention to his "laziness" and the particular relief of his region.

In winter, to get to the village, he had to go down on foot because the slope under his house was impracticable with the skis of the time or in any case very risky. A whole technique to turn, manage his speed and succeed in stopping at the bottom of the slope. That's when our telemark carpenter reduced the size of the skis a bit, gave them a wasp waist and added a groove under the sole to facilitate the turning. He then developed a wicker binding with a free heel to make it easier to move on the hills and that was the birth of Telemark.

What does telemark skiing bring to you?

Discover a new way of sliding, a new technique in a small community.  The fluidity of movement and the feeling of being free in all simplicity.