The most beautiful quotes about mountains

The mountain has always been a tremendous source of inspiration throughout the ages. From the philosopher to the mountaineer to the writer, it fascinates everyone. Here is a selection of the most beautiful quotes about the mountain. 

"The mountains live only from the love of men. Where the houses, then the trees, then the grass are exhausted, is born the sterile, wild, mineral kingdom; however, in its extreme poverty, in its total nakedness, it dispenses a richness that is priceless: the happiness that one discovers in the eyes of those who frequent it"

Gaston Rébuffat


"The mountain offers us the scenery... It's up to us to invent the story that goes with it!



"The mountaineer is a man who leads his body where, one day, his eyes have looked... "

Gaston Rébuffat


"Culture is the source of all creativity. That of geography and the history of mountaineering makes us look at the Alpine arc as an evidence, a beauty, a line to follow. A line, not the line! Like a line in a face".

Patrick Bérhault


"With the mountain, one discovers oneself as a reed, pushed to pierce holes in the right places so that the breath of life passes through and the most beautiful music possible comes out".

Lionel Daudet


"Climb if you want to, but never forget that courage and strength are nothing without caution, and that a single moment of carelessness can destroy a lifetime of happiness. Never act hastily, be careful with every step.

And from the beginning think that this may be the end."

Edward Whymper


"I have only done what I knew I could do. It is a question of will, the very basis ... But the will is also sacrifice and suffering, because to want it is necessary to suffer".

Riccardo Cassin


"When you have reached the top of the mountain, keep climbing".

Tibetan proverb 


"I have often bivouacked to wait for the good weather, spent nights in the storm... In a storm, there is nothing to do but sit. And wait for it to pass, scared to death ..."

Chris Bonington


"Luck, we all have it to some degree. But we must not provoke it too much..."

André Georges


"To my mountains, grateful, infinitely, for the inner well-being that my youth took from their severe school"

 Walter Bonatti


"I have always felt extremely fragile in the face of the elements: on the one hand, a skeleton with flesh around it; on the other, the forces that one rubs against, the rock, the ice, the storm"

René Desmaison


"I am not suicidal. I am afraid of dying, especially of the way to die. This fear is my life insurance. I don't try to know my limits, because the day I know them I won't go home to talk about them".

Erhard Loretan


"Old age is like climbing a mountain. The higher you climb, the more tired and out of breath you are, but how much your vision has broadened!"


"The mountain offers man everything that modern society forgets to give him"


"An ascent to Mont Blanc is a thrilling drama of interest played out on the most beautiful and most awful theater in the world"


"This landscape does not belong to us, we borrow it from our children"


"What you experience at the top changes you profoundly and becomes indispensable to you..."


"These mountains have all their history and make you live these moments of inspiration where you are completely cut off from the world below"


"In short, beauty is everywhere. It is not beauty that is missing in our eyes, it is our eyes that are missing to see it".


"Here, more than anywhere else, the eyes and the heart merge".


"What is the point of lifting mountains when it is so simple to go over them?"

Boris Vian


"On top of the peaks you realize that snow, sky and gold have the same value".


"The Alps is a deep country where the sky, tired of being blue, lay down on the mountain"

"When drunkenness comes, we will lie down on the bare mountain with the sky for a blanket, and the earth for a pillow"

Li Po

"It is not in the mountains that one stumbles, but on small pebbles"


It is extremely rare that the mountain is steep on all sides".

André Gide


"The higher the mountain, the deeper the valley"

Alsatian proverb

The mountain is disconcerting. Its landscape is wrinkled and secret. Words and habits stumble over the passes".

Jason Goodwin

"A man without faults is a mountain without cracks. I am not interested in him".

René Char

"Better one more piton than one less climber".

Georges Livanos

One hour of climbing in the mountains makes a scoundrel and a saint two creatures more or less alike. Fatigue is the shortest way to equality, to brotherhood. And during sleep, freedom is added".

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Switzerland is not so great: take away the mountains, what is left?"


"The silence of the mountains is even more beautiful when the birds have fallen silent"

Taisen Deshimaru

"Faith lifts mountains but lets them happily fall on the heads of those who do not have it"

Boris Vian


Between the shores of the oceans and the summit of the highest mountain is a secret road that you must travel before you become one with the sons of the Earth.

Khalil Gibran


The only Zen thoughts you can find on top of a mountain are the ones you bring with you".

Robert Pirsig


"He who takes advice crosses the mountain; he who takes none takes the wrong road even on the plain".

Turkish proverb

"Success is like climbing a mountain, you have to work as a team, face obstacles and bad weather, but no matter what, we always reach the top".

 Martin Paquette


"When you have walked for two hours on a mountain, you are smarter".

Coline Serreau


A man who wants to seduce a woman must cross mountains, a girl who wants to seduce a man has only a paper wall to cross".

Chinese proverb

The will allows to climb on the summits; without will, one remains at the foot of the mountain".

Chinese proverb