The 10 most difficult ski slopes in the world

The 10 hardest ski slopes in the world. 

Attention, this time it is an article reserved for good skiers and black slope enthusiasts. Austria, France, United States, we have selected for you the 10 most difficult ski slopes in the world. Thrills and chills guaranteed!


Tortin in Verbier (Switzerland)

We start with a mythical track of Switzerland, the famous Tortin which is among the most beautiful and varied tracks of the Alps. Ideally, this track is to be done with fresh snow, otherwise the descent will be physical to say the least. On this slope the difficulty rises crescendo, the more you go down, the more the slope is steep and difficult without an excellent ski level. So, are you ready to take up the challenge?


The Tunnel in Alpe d'Huez (France)

This is not the most famous run in Alpe d'Huez, but Le Tunnel has a great reputation in the Alps. If you're looking for something unusual, you've come to the right place. The trail, located at 3300 meters above sea level, starts with a long tunnel like a cave carved into the mountain that you have to pass through before getting to the serious stuff. You are now faced with extremely steep slopes, icy and to top it all off with numerous bumps. A must-do trail for thrill-seekers!

Harakiri in Mayrhofen (Austria)

As the name suggests, the Harakiri ski run was named after the ritual that was performed by Japanese samurais to repent for their sins. This run is located in the ski area Ski Zillertal 3000, kamikazes from all over the world come to take up this incredible challenge. 

Whoever dares to venture down this slope in the Austrian resort of Mayrhofen must have strong nerves, because they will be tackling some of the steepest and most icy slopes in the Alps. A slope reserved for experienced skiers in need of adrenaline!

Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole - Wyoming (USA)

Much more than a simple run, this is a legendary place for skiers around the world. If you're a freestyle skier, you've probably already seen this run on video on the internet. 

Nicknamed the "scariest run in the United States", the start of the run starts on a vertiginous ledge followed by an incredible free fall of more than 6 meters to a very narrow rocky corridor with 60 degree slopes. You don't want to miss the start! 

The most intrepid and crazy skiers on the planet meet here to perform breathtaking freestyle tricks from this ledge, often in front of many skiers who have come to see the show.

If we had to give you only one advice here, don't go there unless you are a fan of snowparks and a bit crazy! 

The Pas de Chavanette - Le Mur Suisse -   Champéry - Les Crosets ( Suisse )

Also called the Swiss wall, this run is located between Switzerland and France, in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area. The Pas de Chavennette impresses first of all by its passages with more than 50 degrees, its difference in level of more than 400 meters and especially of its bumps being able sometimes to go until 2 meters if the snow is with the appointment. If you don't feel up to the challenge, you can always turn back! 

La Grave (France) 

La Grave is known worldwide for its beautiful scenery, but also for its danger. Not far from the ski resort of Les Deux Alpes, La Grave is a pilgrimage for lovers of great adventure, it is recommended to go there with a ski instructor and a mountain guide for more security. It is not strictly speaking a piste, as it is off-piste, but it is definitely worth the trip. La Grave will make you live a breathtaking and almost dreamlike adventure! 

Delirium Dive - Banff (Canada)

 With an almost horizontal start, this trail is reminiscent of the Corbet Couloir mentioned above. After an impressive jump, you'll find yourself between two rocky slopes with snow that looks more like ice than powder. Be careful, to go down this track you must be equipped with a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector) so that the rescuers can find you alive, because here the risk of avalanche is particularly high. 

The big corridor of Courchevel ( France )

This is the most difficult and steep black run of the 3 valleys ski area. No question here to hesitate, once on this slope, it will be impossible for you to find another way to escape. The departure is located at 2700 m of altitude, the slope is 630m long with an average slope of 55% and going up to 80% in some places! You will also have to face formidable bumps on a track never groomed. Preferably to be done on good powder days! An essential step to do in the Alps. 

The Massines slope in Les Aillons ( France ) 

We are here on a black slope of only 400 meters long, but which does not miss arguments to convince the lovers of ski. The slope starts directly with a steep slope of 80%, which is reduced a little bit afterwards to reach 65% at the finish, of course you add to all that some nice bumps. Here, we can say that the level is high. You have been warned!

So, all you have to do now is to choose among these ski slopes and take up the challenge that awaits you.