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  • Pro Riders

    Pro Riders

    Proposé par ESI Nendaz / Ski School Arc-en-ciel

    from 12 yrs old. Come along and find out about being a ski instructor

    Many of our instructors were once our students!

    Are you at a good level, and keen for your lessons to be a springboard to finding out what being a ski instructor involves?


    The programme includes training focussed on the basics of:

    • Techniques: improving and understanding aptitudes on the equipment
    • Methodologies: learning to pass them on
    • Pedagogical techniques: through different teaching methods


    You’ll also get the chance to improve your knowledge in different domains, get more confidence, and also push and exceed your boundaries - along with the motivation of progressing as a group.

  • Kids Riders

    Kids Riders

    Proposé par ESI Nendaz / Ski School Arc-en-ciel

    Mini-groups from 4 to 12 years old.

    MINI-GROUPS for 2 to 6 learners (8 for the most advanced levels)


    5 great reasons to choose lessons with fewer learners:

    • teaching that’s tailored to the individual need
    • professionals that are there for you, with step-by-step correction
    • a trusting environment for quicker learning
    • everyone gets the time they need
    • reassurance for the learner


    We evaluate every child as they make their first descent, and then make some quick changes if necessary. Each student’s progress is taken into account.