If you're a ski enthusiast, you probably have a few old skis or snowboards lying around the house that you no longer use. Have you ever thought of recycling them? Give them a new life by transforming them into a decorative object or a practical object such as a coffee table, a coat rack or a chair. 

Discover our selection of the best ideas for recycling skis, snowboards and much more below: 

1 / a coffee table  

And if you arrange your living room with a beautiful coffee table in ski for an original decoration that will make its effect on your guests. 

2 / a library 

You are a reading enthusiast ? Then why not transform your skis or snowboards into a beautiful bookcase that will bring a vintage and modern touch to your decoration. 

3 / A coat rack 

Recycling is good, but when it's useful, it's even better! A coat rack is always ultra practical and with only 4 skis, it's done! 

4 / a wine cellar 

For the aficionados of the bottle, why not create an original wine cellar with your old skis. It will bring an ultra original touch to your cellar. 

5 / a bench 

A little more classic and easy to make, the snowboard or ski bench is a sure bet in terms of recycling! Its usefulness is no longer to be proven and it will bring a certain cachet to your interior or even exterior. 

6 / a garden seat 

For spring, the ideal is to create a garden seat with your old skis or even a snowboard to have a unique garden furniture. 

7 / a flower pot 

It's spring, time for flowers! So think flowerpot, an idea more than original since it will add to your garden a fun and unique side. 

8 / a chandelier 

For the DIYers out there, lighting fixtures can be a great idea to recycle your old snowboard or skis for an unusual, yet modern touch! 

9 / a staircase banister 

A little crazy idea at first, but in the end we love it! Why not transform your skis into a beautiful staircase banister that will make your house look remarkable. 

10 / a trash can 

Indispensable, we all need a trash can at home. So, don't hesitate and transform your old skis into a beautiful design trash can or a compost bin for your garden. 

11 / a birdhouse  

You are a bird lover, here is the perfect idea for you. Make a birdhouse out of an old ski boot and its binding to brighten up your garden! 

Bonus ideas: 

Garden rooms : 

If by any chance you have old chairlifts at your disposal, we have the perfect solution for you. Create a beautiful mountain atmosphere garden lounge that will return your unique exterior. 

A carillon / a sofa / a gate  

Unusual idea: A gear knob with ski pole! 
For the tuning addicts, here is the original idea par excellence! 


That's it, our selection is over. Of course, there are still many recycling ideas to discover and create, but we hope that this has given you the desire and inspiration to create beautiful recycled objects. 

It's up to you now!