Winter is often a difficult period for our body with the cold and the shortening days that brings less light to our body. It is therefore important to anticipate the arrival of winter by adapting your diet to best prepare your body. 

Do you know spirulina ?

Spirulina is a photosynthetic cyanobacteria that is also called "blue-green algae". Spirulina appeared on earth several billion years ago and has been recognized as a superfood by Africans and Asians for several generations.

It is expected to be more and more talked about in Europe in recent years, especially in the sports world, for its many benefits. With more than 70% of protein easily assimilated by the body this superfood is the ideal companion of athletes, it also contains not less than 8 essential amino acids.

Rich in iron, spirulina helps the proper storage and transport of oxygen in the blood, which allows a better oxygenation of the body.

If you want to boost your immune system and anticipate the deficiencies before the winter and the fall of temperatures, it is time to start a cure of spirulina. It is recommended for athletes to consume about 5g per day to be spread over several takes during the day.

Also source of antioxidants, a cure will allow you to limit the risks of articular pains, tendinitis and to reduce the aches. 



But how to easily consume spirulina ?

It can be consumed in capsule or powder but it is never easy to add daily in his diet.

That's why we strongly advise you to discover the young Toulouse startup Hoope, which offers a wide range of spirulina-based food products.

In muesli, cookies or even in spreads, Hoope products are organic and made in France. If you are still not convinced, we offer you -15% discount on the whole  website with the coupon code : ESI15 ( Offer valid until the end of winter ! )

You are now ready to face the winter and join us on the ski slopes at the top of your form !