In order to more easily inform skiers about avalanche risks, 5 pictograms will replace the flags in ski resorts. These pictograms are color coded and have clear informative messages about the extent of the risks.
The aim is to provide more reliable and understandable information to off-piste enthusiasts in the event of snowpack instability. The symbols can also be used on different mobile applications, social networks or information screens available at the foot of lifts in the resort.

The principle is simple, each level of risk corresponds to a pictogram that goes from 1 to 5 (Low / Limited / Marked / Strong / Very strong) accompanied by a color code. While most European countries have already taken the step of adopting this type of prevention message, France is still a bit behind... But better late than never!

Several resorts such as La Plagne, Châtel, and Montgenèvre have already tested the device last season with excellent feedback from users.

However, the flags can be used for another 3 years, before being completely replaced by these new pictograms.

Another great initiative to improve the safety of skiers on the slopes and of course outside.

We remind you that off-piste skiing can be very dangerous and must be accompanied by a professional and the appropriate equipment (Arva / Shovel / Probe / etc..)