L'échappée Jurassienne - Wild expedition with the blueteam

To celebrate the return of snow, we share with you our new ESI film shot in the Swiss Jura last winter. 
We took our 4 ESI athletes, Enak Gavaggio, Xavier Thevenard, Duvillard Maëlle and Mathieu Navillod on a Nordic ski touring discovery in the wild and magical area of Mont Tendre. 

Guided by the ESI Nordic Escapes team of instructors, our 4 ambassadors embarked on a magical exploration of the wilderness, rich in powder, melted cheese and good humor! 

The blueteam set out on the tracks of the Lynx in a still preserved nature to prove that skiing and respecting the environment can be two complementary things. U

A film directed by the talented Jules Pourchet 

Have a good viewing!