The 2023 seminar of the ESI ski schools took place under the Ardèche sun in a studious and friendly atmosphere. 

Johann Kwiatkowski, ex-president of the SIMS and director of the Valloire ESI, officially passed the torch to Jean-Marie Blache from Orcières Merlette, as ratified by the National Board at the meeting in early April. Antony Collet from La Toussuire replaces him as vice-president of the union. These programmed handovers are the occasion of a large-scale reorganisation decided unanimously by the Bureau. 

The organisation and active participation of the school headmasters in the round tables have enabled us to lay the foundations for the work of the spring and summer. There are many areas of work that will enable SIMS to reassert itself as a choice alternative for ski teaching in France and Europe. 

The climatic question and the problems linked to uncertain snow conditions are among the determining subjects; among the adaptations already in place, the Summer ESI, with numerous outdoor activities, constitutes a preponderant alternative given the wealth of skills within the ESI network.

The National Board warmly thanks Johann Kwiatkowski for his work during these two mandates and in particular for having been able to stay the course despite the crises of the last few years.