ESI innovates with a mobile app to track your skiing and snowboarding progress.

ESI innovates with a groundbreaking application for personalized tracking of your progress in skiing and snowboarding. This 100% dematerialized approach harmonizes environmental respect and convenience for the whole family.

Bring together the achievements of each family member in all ESI disciplines such as Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, off-piste, or even freestyle with ESI PASSPORT.

The level guide, a keystone to understanding objectives, is also accessible on the application, facilitating the enrollment of each individual in the group corresponding to their skills.

Moreover, ESI PASSPORT integrates a comprehensive directory of ESI ski schools, making your experience even more enriching. Beyond its tracking function, the application offers a pleasant and playful user experience. It streamlines your winter vacations by centralizing all the necessary information.

Download the ESI application for iOS for free now and immerse yourself in a modern and eco-friendly skiing experience. Take advantage of the ESI PASSPORT innovation to enjoy unforgettable ski holidays, where technology enhances your enjoyment on the slopes.

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