10 unusual experiences to discover in the mountains

The mountains are a magical playground for discovering new activities or experiences off the beaten track. We have selected for you 10 unusual experiences to discover this winter with the ESI ski school network.


You dream of participating in a torchlight descent like the ski instructors, with ESI we offer you the possibility of participating in a real torchlight descent at night! A magical moment with your favorite ESI instructors for children, but also for adults. This animation is accompanied by a mulled wine or a hot green for a real magical atmosphere in the resort.

Backcountry Nordic 

Looking for nature? Wide open spaces? To escape? Nordic ski touring is for you! In more than 5000 years of history of the pleasures of skiing, skiing has evolved in only one direction: to allow men to have a simple and effective way to travel the mountain in winter. The emergence of competition has eclipsed this concept of utilitarian sliding, to give birth to 2 activities: alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. The good farming sense of our ancestors is coming back in force today. Updated, the ski of the letter carrier of yesteryear is in our opinion: the ski of freedom, walking and discovery par excellence. We don't follow groomed trails, we improvise for you friendly paths, adapted to your level. What motivates us: to lead you in all tranquillity, to discover the fauna, the flora, the legends, the land and the hidden secrets of our mountains, which can be found off the beaten track. 


Equipped with headlamps (provided), set out to discover the beautiful high altitude forests of the Haut-Jura. This beautiful wild walk takes us to the heart of this wild massif, to a lodge (old Jura sheepfold), where we will taste the famous hot box, accompanied by smoked sausage. Count 1h30 of walk and 30min of return. An unforgettable experience in the forest for children over 5 years old and for a maximum of 12 people. 

Meal with starter, cheese speciality (Mont d'Or), smoked sausage, potatoes, dessert and wine included.

Other snowshoe outings for all ages are also available on the entire ESI network, including Igloo Marshmallow and fondue outings.


The world of aeronautics at the service of skiing. Wingjump is the first ski equipment in the world that offers the sensation of lift in addition to gliding, and this in complete safety!

The Wingjump offers you the possibility to amplify your sliding sensations and to add a unique sensation: the lift. Rediscover skiing with a new way of jumping, carving, managing your speed... The Wingjump stabilizes and improves speed management. Your position allows you to accelerate or brake. It is a new way of skiing in its own right, approved on all ski areas (slopes and ski lifts). Very easy to use, it is a simple sail that you put on like a jacket and add in a few seconds to your usual ski equipment. The time of catch in hand is very short. No learning curve is required to feel the first sensations.

For each skier its Wingjump! Our products are suitable for the whole family, whatever their age, ski level or desired effect.


Tested and approved by children and adults! Supervised by an ESI instructor, the airboard, an inflatable sled, is tested at the closing of the slopes, lying on your stomach, at the level of the snow. The movements of the body direct the sled and moderate its speed. A fun activity accessible to all: the Airboard. A light and easy to handle inflatable sled that allows you to slide down the snowy slopes, strong sensations guaranteed.



If you don't know what to do between skiing and sledding, there is a new form of sliding which is a mixture of these two activities: the Yooner! You are sitting 20 centimeters above the ground on a skate, your feet touch the snow to help the direction while your hands are stuck to the handle to brake the machine (by traction).  Slide on the slopes easily, have even stronger and surprising sensations, all with a very short learning curve... Its playful and easy to use side allows you to master it totally in one descent. The yooner is light, easy to handle, equipped with a shock absorber for more comfort and a skate allowing you to "cut curves" as in skiing.

Try it, fun guaranteed!


Want to slip into the skin of biathlon champions? With ESI it's possible! During the winter, we offer 3 biathlon experiences, one for children with a laser rifle in complete safety, another for adults with an air rifle or the premium version with a real competition 22 long rifle.

Biathlon can be practiced on cross-country skis, but also on snowshoes or on foot. A magical experience for beginners and advanced skiers.


Yes, the monoski still exists and it is even back in force in ski resorts!

With its new parabolic shapes, rockers and double spatulas, the Newschool Monoski has nothing to do with the old monoski of the 80's... Much more at ease in the bumps than its cousin the snowboard with which it will also compete of voluptuousness in the soft or "technical" snow (off-piste). Thanks to a position "facing the road" as in skiing, the skier will benefit from good learning transfers for an effective and very fast initiation. Original balances and new sensations guaranteed!

Escape Game

Discover our immersive and innovative experiences with our two new ESI escape games:

  • "Into the Wild," a brand new outdoor Escape Game with ESI Les Rousses: Dive into the heart of the adventure and test your survival skills to save two hikers lost in the beautiful Jura "wilderness."

  • "L'Apéro," the new Escape Game at Les 2 Alpes with ESI Saint Christophe for a more indulgent and fun experience with friends, including a tasting of local products.


Snake Gliss descent

Snake Gliss is an original mountain activity to share with family, friends, or colleagues on the ski slopes...

It involves several identical sleds linked together to form a snake-like structure led by a professional instructor.

Available for ages 10 and above, open to anyone capable of engaging in a sports activity for 1 hour.