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  • Private ski lessons for adults

    Private ski lessons for adults

    Proposé par ESI First Tracks Courchevel

    In the framework of private and personalized ski lessons, our instructors, seasoned professionals and lovers of our mountains, will help you gain in technique and confidence. With priority access to the ski lifts, guidance and advice throughout the splendid escapades, the First Tracks client has only one obligation: to have maximum pleasure! 

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  • Private lesson in Courchevel

    Private lesson in Courchevel

    Proposé par Jérôme TILLEUL

    Unlock an unparalleled alpine skiing experience with private lessons tailored just for you by Jérôme Tilleul. As an independent instructor...

    Why Choose Private Ski Lessons with Jérôme Tilleul?

    1. Total Customization: Enjoy personalized attention with lessons crafted to match your specific skills and goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the fundamentals or an experienced skier aiming to refine your technique, each session is designed to meet your unique needs.

    2. Certified Expertise: Benefit from certified expertise as Jérôme Tilleul leverages his extensive knowledge of Courchevel's slopes, ensuring an unforgettable learning experience.

    3. Flexible Scheduling: Private lessons are scheduled according to your timetable, providing maximum flexibility to make the most of your stay in Courchevel.

    4. Safety and Confidence: Safety is our top priority. Receive detailed instructions, safety tips, and a personalized learning pace to boost your confidence on the slopes.

    Book your private alpine ski lesson today with Jérôme Tilleul and explore Courchevel in a new and exciting way. Your skiing adventure begins here!