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Created more than 70 years ago in the Jura mountains, the Loubsol brand has always been a visionary in the field of French eyewear. 

The first pair of Loubsol glasses was created in 1948 by its creator René Loubeyre who gave his name to the brand (abbreviation of Loubeyre Solaire).

The Loubsol brand has appeared in several legendary films such as The Bronzes are Skiing or Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. 
Do you remember the mythical commercial "Ovaltine is dynamite"? Well, the actor also wears a pair of Loubsol. 

In the 1970s, Loubsol was the first brand to offer both photochromic and polarized lenses, as well as category 4 lenses for children that were previously reserved for mountaineers. These technologies have been used on Everest and also at the North Pole as well as by the Army's alpine hunters. 

The Loubsol brand is now a subsidiary of the Gilbert group and its headquarters are in Normandy, Caen. 

You can find the brand at nearly 420 official retailers and since a few months you can order directly your goggles and sunglasses on the website >

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